Mark Schuh

Co-Owner & Vice President

“I want my life work to have a positive impact on a lot of people. I can do that by building these schools -- ensuring that each and every child in one of our centers has a leg up in life both educationally and socially.” - Mark Schuh

That’s Mark Schuh’s guiding principle when it comes to his career – and he’s bringing it to life through The PREP Schools – a private preschool to give children a jump start on their future. Mark is the company’s Co-Owner and Vice President.

Mark brings tremendous management experience to The PREP Schools – having successfully owned and operated two nationally recognized preschools in Dallas – schools that collectively employed nearly 60 people, reached capacity in terms of enrollment, and earned some of the highest certification and accreditation scores from third parties and the corporate office alike.

Mark sold these entities in the mid 2000s – moving on to become the President of Austin-based Markee Construction, which builds commercial and residential projects with a focus on medical condominiums and preschools.

When asked why he’s getting back into the preschool business again, Mark says becoming a first-time father in recent years forced the issue. “I can’t tell you how many preschools I’ve visited – and they were all the same: the tours… the building… the curriculum. There was nothing original,” he said.

“I want my child to have a unique experience – one that’s based on learning – and one that treats each child as a unique individual. We’ll do all that and more at The PREP Schools,” said Mark, noting he’s looking at every aspect of the business and asking himself how he can do it better.

In addition to his son being a catalyst for getting back in the business, Mark cites the incredible rewards that come with the job. “To see a child flourish… to see a child thrive… that’s worth everything in the world to me,” said Mark, who earned his Child Care Owner Certification in 1999.

Mark started his career in the Specialty Chemicals Division of Baker-Hughes – where he quickly rose through the ranks. He was named “Salesman of the Year,” as well as appointed the youngest ever area manager. Even when presented with a failing account, Mark managed to turn it around – growing the account into the company’s largest customer in Houston – a status that was maintained over a five year period until Mark’s departure.

And if a full-time job in corporate America wasn’t enough – Mark simultaneously owned and operated a Smoothie King in Houston. He sold the franchise in 1997.

Of all his accomplishments, Mark says he’s most proud of his preschools in Dallas. “Taking a thought and turning it into reality is really amazing. I put my heart and soul into that effort, and it’s a big undertaking when you think of all the components that go into making a successful school – from site selection and construction to staffing and curriculum development.”

“There’s nothing like knowing you can make a real and lasting difference for a family or a child.” When asked how he wants parents to talk about The PREP Schools a few years from now, he says, “I want them to say with pride, ‘My son or daughter goes to The PREP – and I don’t think I could provide my child with a better opportunity for learning and growth.’”


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