Programs & Curriculum

At The PREP School, we are guided by one leading philosophy: “To provide the highest level of early childhood education in a safe and secure environment that nurtures each child’s individual needs.”

We’ll do that by abiding by our mission, which is to:

  • Partner with parents to offer a continuity of care between home and school by familiarizing ourselves with each child’s individual needs.
  • Educate each child as a unique individual, and provide them a safe and secure learning environment that allows them to grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.
  • Recruit and train highly professional staff that allow children to thrive in their classroom environment.
  • Make a difference in the communities we serve by providing opportunities for our families, staff and children to give back.

Our Curriculum

At the heart of everything we do is The PREP curriculum, which is not based on a standard “one-size-fits-all” approach – but rather on each child’s unique learning and development needs.

Our emergent learning approach allows for children to develop a love of learning. Young children do not learn because they are taught. They learn as a result of their own doing…through actions, relationships, inquiries, opportunities, and repetition.

Our first and most important goal with emergent curriculum is to inspire curiosity, inquiry, and enjoyment in the classroom. Doing so has been proven to build motivation (coming from within the child) and a long-term love of learning. These are the greatest gifts our teachers can give a child in preparation for their primary school experience. Teachers must understand how and what children learn and how to recognize moments when they can support children by asking a provoking question, providing a tool, sharing a story, helping seek an answer… Therefore our goal is to allow children to develop long-term projects, deep concentration, and the ability to redirect themselves if they are bored or otherwise not engaged in an activity. This is fundamental to their development that will support learning throughout their lifespan. Therefore, our emergent curriculum requires our teachers, in knowing how and what children can learn at these ages, to support and guide learning as it emerges naturally inside the school, in the natural world, and in our community as a whole. The traditional preschool schedule teaches them to ignore their own learning rhythm. The emergent curriculum provides for how children learn. They do not learn by sitting before a teacher who imparts knowledge. They learn by doing and self-directing. Therefore, children succeed in the future by learning to love school.

In knowing that children learn in different ways and at different speeds – we start the process by conducting an initial assessment of the child upon enrollment. This takes into account not only the child’s proficiencies – but it also includes a parental assessment so that parents can weigh in on their child’s strengths and weaknesses too.

From that baseline understanding — an individualized course of learning is drawn up to supplement the overall class curriculum. Moving forward, the child assessment is conducted every six months so that lesson plans and activities are continuously tailored to the child’s expressed curiosity and interests as well as their developmental and academic progress.

In addition to our academic curriculum, we offer …

  • Spanish
  • Yoga
  • Protecting Our Environment
  • Multi-Purpose Room Activities
  • American Sign Language
  • Etiquette Program
  • Whiteboard Technology
  • Nature Curriculum
  • Art Studio Curriculum
  • Student Assessments

The PREP Difference

The PREP School is not your ordinary preschool. We are an innovative, private preschool-meaning we focus on being unique and customized.

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Health and Safety

At The PREP School, we know that good health, safety, and security for your child is just as important as our curriculum

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Franchising Information

The PREP Schools are an innovative private preschool franchise. Contact us for franchise opportunities.

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