Parent Place

At the PREP School, we know that all relationships start and end based on communication or the lack thereof. That’s why a key aspect of our strategy is to partner with parents, and keep them in the loop and well informed on what’s going on with their child and our school.

Our dialogue with parents begins upon enrollment – at which time we ask them to fill out a child assessment. Results from this assessment are combined with an assessment taken by their child’s classroom teacher – and a parent /teacher conference is held to outline a plan of action for individualized learning and growth. These conferences will coincide with their child’s completion of a follow-up assessment and subsequent adjustment to his or her lesson plan.

In the infant and toddler classrooms, the dialogue with parents continues in the form of electronic daily summaries sent via email including all daily activities and specific details about your child at The PREP Schools on any given day. This will enable parents to more deeply engage with their child on what he or she is learning.

Underscoring our strategy of partnering with parents is our dedicated Parent Room – where parents can access literature and information about child rearing and development information about our school, and the community as well.

Our parent lounge is where parents can access literature and information about child rearing and development, information about our school, and the community as well. A parent can even watch their child learning “live” in the classroom from a tv monitor located in this space.  We also offer a morning cup of coffee to our parents in the lounge each day.

We will also host occasional parental workshops and seminars, and are always on the lookout for opportunities for parents, children and staff alike to join up and give back to the community we serve in a meaningful and lasting way. We believe that learning about the beauty of giving can never start at too early of an age.

To be sure we are on our toes and not just meeting the needs of our parents, but exceeding them – we conduct an annual Parent Survey, and incorporate the feedback into improvement plans and outreach programs for the next year.


The PREP Difference

The PREP School is not your ordinary preschool. We are an innovative, private preschool-meaning we focus on being unique and customized.

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Health and Safety

At The PREP School, we know that good health, safety, and security for your child is just as important as our curriculum

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Franchising Information

The PREP Schools are an innovative private preschool franchise. Contact us for franchise opportunities.

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