The PREP Difference

The PREP School is not your ordinary preschool. We are an innovative, private preschool– meaning we focus on being unique and customized – and ultimately in the best interest of the children and the parents we serve. From our curriculum and building design to our menu plans and enrichment classrooms – there’s not a single detail that’s been overlooked.

And that’s just the beginning. The PREP School stands out from the competition on a multitude of fronts – from going well beyond the minimum requirements for safety and security and facility cleanliness, to ensuring children are learning in a stimulating and engaging environment.

Our students age 12 months and older wear uniforms.  Our PREP uniforms are simple and convenient for parents. We are a private preschool and our focus is education; we want to maintain this focus for our student’s during the school day.  At The PREP School, we provide so many other opportunities and outlets for children to express their individuality and creativity.  We find preschool children take pride in their school and enjoy wearing school uniforms by providing a positive experience and a sense of belonging.

We at The PREP School know that all relationships start and end based on communication or the lack thereof.  That’s why a key aspect of our strategy is to partner with parents, and keep them in the loop and well informed on what’s going on with their child and our school.

Parenting Tips

Resources and Tips to help parents with common parenting challenges and questions.

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Health and Safety

At The PREP School, we know that good health, safety, and security for your child is just as important as our curriculum

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Franchising Information

The PREP Schools are an innovative private preschool franchise. Contact us for franchise opportunities.

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