Health, Safety, and Security

At The PREP School, we know that good health, safety, and security for your child is just as important as our curriculum. You can rest assured that your child is in good hands at The PREP School.

It’s a well-known fact: preschools can be a breeding ground for germs. We’ve gone above and beyond to minimize that risk, and we’ve based many of our decisions on the advice of our Advisory Board member who is a retired Registered Nurse.

To start, we have installed an air conditioning filtration system that pulls and circulates fresh, clean air throughout the building. We also have a Tender Loving Care (TLC) room so that sick children can be separated from the classroom and isolated to deter the spread of germs.

For infants and toddlers who are more susceptible to infection, we have installed a sink for hand washing before and after entering our infant and toddler rooms. We also have personalized slippers and foot booties on hand for teachers and parents alike to wear when entering the infant space – along with personalized cubby holes for shoes for each enrolled family right outside the classroom.

All of the aforementioned is in addition to our standard operating procedures of cleaning and disinfecting all toys and equipment at various times during the day as well as the end of each day.

When it comes to security, it all starts with the fact that all personnel and staff have undergone a full background check.

It continues with the fact that there’s only one point of entry and exit (excluding fire doors) for the entire school – and this main door remains locked at all times. This door opens only by “individualized fingerprint access” – meaning the person entering the building has been fingerprint scanned and approved for entry. Going a step further, the administrative offices are right off the main lobby – enabling the school director and assistant director to monitor all those who come and go from the building.

For utmost security of our staff and families, we have an Emergency Preparedness Plan that includes a guide for any type of emergency at The PREP School.  This includes drills and preparations for situations such as weather emergencies, dangerous intruder emergencies, and various other unexpected situations that may arise.

We have internal camera viewing in each classroom ensuring the ultimate safety for children to be viewed by management and parents at any time in the parent viewing room. We have observation windows in each classroom as well.

The teacher / child ratio is lower than the state average in every class and every age group – ensuring more safety, individualized attention, and one-on-one instruction for each child.

The playgrounds also are fully fenced in – ensuring our safety measures extend beyond our physical building.

Last, but not least, the computers in our PREP Tech (technology room) have secure internet connections and are focused solely on early childhood development and learning pages.


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