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Health and Safety

At The PREP School, we know that good health, safety, and security for your child is just as important as our curriculum. You can rest assured that your child is in good hands at The PREP School.


It’s a well-known fact: preschools can be a breeding ground for germs. We’ve gone above and beyond to minimize that risk, and we’ve based many of our decisions on the advice of our Advisory Board member who is a retired Registered Nurse.

  • One point of entry and exit for the entire school

  • Forward facing diaper changing stations for continuous classroom observation

  • Tender Loving Care (TLC) area for sick children to deter the spread of germs

  • Front door is a biometric "individualized fingerprint access" for entry in the building

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all toys and equipment at various times during the day

  • Automatic hand-washing sinks, soap-dispensers and paper towels to decrease germs and cross contamination

  • Classroom internal camera viewing from a closed circuit live feed tv monitor

  • The PREP Cafe eliminates cross contamination of food with classroom environments for our older students

  • All personnel and staff have undergone a full background check/FBI fingerprint

  • Sanitary hand washing and shoeless entry into infant classroom

  • Unique design for soiled air in diaper reservoirs to evacuate from the building

  • Fully fenced playgrounds - ensuring safety beyond our physical building

  • Teacher / child ratio is lower than the state average in every class

  • Vigorous safety program in place for field trips

  • Secure internet connections

Emergency Preparedness Plan

For the utmost security of our staff and families, we have an Emergency Preparedness Plan that includes a guide for any type of emergency at The PREP School. This includes drills and preparations for situations such as weather emergencies, dangerous intruder emergencies, and various other unexpected situations that may arise.