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The PREP Campus

Discover why the prep is an innovative campus

We are a state-of-the-art innovative campus with enrichment classrooms & specialized programs: Technology Room, Art Studio, Multi-Purpose Room, Splash Pad and Parent Lounge.

Outdoor Classroom

Children are able to experience the sounds, sights and smells of nature in our Outdoor Classroom. This classroom – which is used daily and weekly for lessons and activities – is separated from the main lobby area by an operable garage door with multiple glass panels. The door can open up the outdoor classroom into the building to incorporate the outdoors into the school. Children seek to understand the world we live in. The Outdoor Classroom allows this discovery, sensory experiences, and creates greater levels of creativity and curiosity for the children each and every day. The teachers are able to incorporate what is around the children into their learning. It is the ideal place for children to learn in a unique way.


Our technology room offers state of the art technology and an array of STEM activities for children to enjoy. We provide a protected connection to the internet to allow for a safe and secure technology experience. We also have an interactive whiteboard in the technology room that offers hands on technology for individual or group activities. Children can interact with one another during lessons and engage in a fun and interactive curriculum. This new education technology personalizes learning, engages students, and supports teachers.

Multi-Purpose Room

Our Multi-Purpose room offers a separate space for children to develop fine and gross motor skills. It provides an array of activities and toys including a basketball hoop for the children to enjoy. It also provides an environment for play when the weather is not cooperating. If it is too hot, too cold, or raining outside, the children can release some energy by bringing their outside time indoors. The Multi-Purpose room also allows a room for special visitors or extra curricular activities to be brought in for the children.

TLC Area

Our Tender Loving Care (TLC) area is available for sick children that need to be separated from the classroom and isolated to deter the spread of germs. This is also an area we use for children needing medication administered.


A full-time chef prepares and serves lunch in a full-service kitchen and cafeteria space each day. Meal plans are designed to align with USDA standards and with input from our dietician. Food served is health conscious, well balanced and organic where possible per location including our healthy snacks incorporating fruits and veggies. We serve family style dining with the children encouraging independence and the value of eating while learning manners and responsibilities.

Art Studio

We also have a dedicated art room intended for the more “creative” art projects – so children can use this room for hands on painting projects or imaginative artwork. Our students can also use this room for fun and interactive cooking projects – if they are learning how to bake cookies – they get to break the eggs… stir in the flour… and pour in the sugar. This dedicated room allows for fun and imagination to blossom. It gives the teachers the ability to encourage creativity outside their classroom.

PREP Outdoor Play

Moreover, we have age-appropriate playgrounds teaming with turf ground cover, shade structures and state of the art equipment – including play structures, ride-on toys, climbing structures and even a water splash pad.

Splash Pad

At select locations, our state of the art splash pad consists of a splash pad with water spouts and sprays. There is no standing water for the safety of the children. The splash pad allows the children to cool off and have fun.

PREP Parent Lounge

Our parent lounge is where parents can access literature and information about child rearing and development, information about our school, and the local community as well. A parent can even watch their child learning “live” in the classroom from a tv monitor located in this space. At times we also use this space to offer parents a treat or a morning cup of coffee.