PREP Junior Toddlers


Toddlers need space to move, grow and learn, and activities to express their own independence.  A well-designed toddler environment allows a stage for success. Our Junior Toddler program does just that by focusing on teaching and interacting with a purpose.  Our toddler classroom environment is age-appropriate and safe, and one that fosters the development of motor and cognitive skills, as well as social and emotional growth.  Our Junior Toddlers’ experience is individualized and flexible.  We provide daily summary sheets for each toddler to let parents know each aspect about their child’s day.

Health and Safety:

We provide an extremely sanitary and safe environment for our toddlers.  A hand-washing sink is in a separate vestibule area outside the classroom.  All visitors are required to wash their hands prior to entry to deter germs from entering the classroom.

We have diaper-changing stations that are forward-facing to the classroom.  This allows the teachers to change a child’s diaper while never having their back to the classroom.  With the high number of diaper changes that occur per day, this setup enables teachers to both change a diaper and monitor the classroom at the same time.  To make the process more sanitary, eliminate odor and control contamination, we even have an exhaust mechanism built into our diaper disposal system.

We have installed an air conditioning filtration system that pulls and circulates fresh, clean air throughout the building.

An age-appropriate, fully fenced in outdoor playground for our toddlers provides them with an opportunity for physical activity while foster the development of gross -motor and social skills.

Our hand-washing sinks in the classrooms and bathrooms come with automatic water and soap-dispensing capabilities to decrease cross contamination of germs.

Closed circuit cameras in the classroom can be viewed from the specialized PREP Parent Lounge at the front of the building.  A specialized fingerprint entry secures the visitors entering the building.

A separate Tender Loving Care (TLC) room provides a place for a sick child to be removed from the classroom until a parent arrives to pick up his or her child.  This eliminates further spread of sickness in the classrooms.


The emergent learning process we use is greatly apparent in our Junior Toddler curriculum.  Integrated in the curriculum is expanding a child’s knowledge and understanding by building from what a child already knows or has experienced.  It also transforms everyday routines into playful learning moments. Our curriculum supports active learning through hands-on play and exploration.  It also offers our teachers the ability to take one planned activity and achieve multiple learning objectives by individualizing the classroom activity based on the skill levels of each child.

Our curriculum also involves sign language instruction on a daily basis.  Signing is an amazing way toddlers can communicate prior to having verbal skills.  Toddlers develop the fine muscles in their hands prior to those required for speech, so they’re equipped to communicate before they can speak.  What’s more, signing can lessen frustration and outbursts because toddlers can immediately communicate their wants and needs.

Junior Toddlers also partake in yoga daily to foster confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, and well-being.  Yoga with toddlers supports neuromuscular development and body awareness. It also teaches relaxation techniques, as well as stretching and other exercises that are age appropriate for a toddler’s stage in development. Yoga is supported by research that shows that brain connections are built by engaging toddlers in interactive experiences that involve sensory, motor and social explorations.

Junior Toddler assessments are conducted twice per year – enabling parents and teachers to have a balanced look at a child’s abilities and potential areas of improvement.  To focus on a child’s specific needs and skills, we allow for individualized instruction and various activities as part of our curriculum.

A weekly learning plan is posted outside the classroom detailing learning activities for each toddler every day at The PREP.

Electronic updates, photos, and daily reports are sent to the parent’s email each day to communicate about the child’s day and pertinent information as needed.

Enrichment Classrooms for Junior Toddlers:

As weather permits, PREP Junior Toddlers have scheduled activities in our Outdoor Classroom, as well as our Splash Park that are age-appropriate learning experiences. We also have a Multi-Purpose Room where toddlers can enjoy scheduled motor-skill activities when the weather precludes outdoor play time.


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