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The PREP Difference

At the PREP School, we are guided by one leading philosophy:

"To provide the highest level of early childhood education in a safe and secure environment that nurtures each child's individual needs."

Our Mission

  • Educate each child as a unique individual, and provide them with a safe and secure learning environment that allows them to grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.
  • Recruit and train a professional staff that allow children to thrive in their learning environment.
  • Partner with parents to offer a community of care between home and school by familiarizing ourselves with each child’s individual needs.
  • Make a difference in the communities we serve by providing opportunities for our families, staff and children to give back.

How do we deliver more?

  • We focus on a child’s unique learning needs.
  • We operate according to the highest standards in childcare.
  • We provide a stimulating environment.
  • We conduct yearly child assessments for Pre-K and 5K and as needed for younger students.
  • We hire well-trained highly experienced staff members and teachers.
  • We operate in an exceptionally safe and secure environment.
  • We have a building campus with specialized enrichment classrooms.
  • We have state-of-the-art equipment.
  • We partner with parents on every front.

The PREP School is not your ordinary preschool.

We are an innovative, private preschool– meaning we focus on being unique and customized – and ultimately in the best interest of the children and the parents we serve. From our curriculum and building design to our menu plans and enrichment classrooms – there’s not a single detail that’s been overlooked.

And that’s just the beginning. The PREP School breaks the mold from day care standards and stands out from the preschool competition on a multitude of fronts – from going well beyond the minimum requirements for safety and security and facility cleanliness, to ensuring children are learning in a stimulating and engaging environment.

We at The PREP School know that all relationships start and end based on communication or the lack thereof. That’s why a key aspect of our strategy is to partner with parents, and keep them in the loop and well informed on what’s going on with their child and our school.