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PREP Private Transitional Kindergarten

The Kindergarten years are a crucial time for children to learn as an individual and function as part of a group. These skills are linked to language development and early literacy. Language, in turn, is the foundation of early literacy development and long-term reading comprehension. Our curriculum effectively meets all states' academic standards for English, Language Arts, and Mathematics. The curriculum follows the common core state standards and scope and sequence guidelines aligned with all states including Texas and Nevada. For Texas schools, it also follows the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). TEKS are the building blocks of the Texas Education System.

Integrated Curriculum Components:

  • Yoga
  • Etiquette Program
  • Spanish
  • Journal Writing
  • Handwriting Program

Enrichment Classrooms for Kindergarten Students:

  • Outdoor Classroom
  • Playground
  • Art Studio
  • PREP Café
  • PREP Tech
  • Multi-Purpose Room
  • Splash Pad


An effective Kindergarten program nurtures a child’s desire to learn and instills a sense of competency as a learner. Our curriculum strives to help children evolve into self-sustaining learners by helping them become conscious of words and interested in learning them.

Our Private Kindergarten classroom engages children daily in journal writing. Written communication is one of the most important skills needed in a child’s development. Moreover, reading and writing go hand-in-hand, therefore journal writing helps a child to read. Journal writing encourages children to explore their minds – while at the same time improving their spelling and grammar.

Our math program provides purposeful instruction that is tailored to each student’s individual needs. Problem solving and hands-on tools are incorporated into every lesson to enhance the student’s understanding. This deliberately designed curriculum provides assessments that can gage and understand what students are comprehending.

Our comprehensive language and literacy program incorporates whole group teaching, small group teaching and independent work to help each student achieve their full potential. It provides students with hands-on learning material, opportunities for whole group instruction, and one on one learning. Being a building block curriculum, it allows our students the freedom to learn at their own pace all while progressively becoming more advanced. It provides the tools to master phonological awareness, blending/separating phonemes, and on target reading.

We also provide a handwriting program for our Private Kindergarten students. This curriculum teaches the easiest skills first — and then builds on prior knowledge. When children master the easiest letters, they’re ready for more difficult ones in both print and cursive. We help children develop their writing skills through multi sensory, play-based instruction. Mastery of concepts is reinforced with three levels of activities in their student workbook. Along with our Handwriting program, we offer Keyboarding that coincide with each other. This program builds knowledge and skills for the beginning stages of keyboarding.

Part of the Kindergarten instruction includes a time for Science and Social Studies. Our educators create enticing experiments where each student can measure, observe, and exercise their mind. We continuously bring in Social Studies throughout the entire day. Similarities and differences throughout our world from the past and the future are discovered every day in the classroom.

We also believe social skills are equally important to success in life as academic skills. When children are respectful, kind, polite and honest — they develop character. Moreover, teaching children what behavior to model and what’s expected of them is a daily process. That’s where our Etiquette program comes into play – a program we provide in partnership with parents to teach children manners and appropriate behavior.

We also provide a fun and rewarding Spanish curriculum that immerses five year olds in a second language through a combination of multi-sensory and technology components. Young minds are geared toward language development, and children in this age group have the greatest capacity to learn a new language.

This age group also partakes in yoga to foster confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem and well-being. Yoga supports neuromuscular development and body awareness. It also teaches relaxation techniques, as well as stretching and other exercises that are age appropriate in

A weekly learning plan is posted outside the classroom detailing learning activities for the Private Kindergarten class every day at The PREP.

Electronic updates, photos, and daily reports are sent to the parent’s email each day to communicate about the child’s day and pertinent information as needed.

Enrichment Classrooms for Private Kindergarten Students

Our Private Kindergarten students are able to utilize our enrichment areas throughout the building.

As weather permits, we have scheduled activities in our Outdoor Classroom where children get to experience the sounds, sights and smells of nature. This classroom – which is used weekly for lessons and activities – is separated from the main lobby area by an operable garage door with multiple glass panels. When opened, the indoor and outdoor environments merge… and children are invited to better understand the world we live in. It gives teachers a chance to incorporate “nature” into their lesson plans – all while creating greater levels of creativity, curiosity and discovery among children. It’s truly the ideal place for children to learn in a unique way.

We also have a dedicated Art Studio that allows fun and imagination to blossom among children. It gives our teachers the ability to encourage creativity with hands on painting projects and imaginative artwork. The children can also use this room for fun and interactive cooking projects – if they are learning how to bake cookies – they get to break the eggs… stir in the flour… and pour in the sugar.

In The PREP Café, lunch is served in our state of the art cafeteria prepared by a full-time chef in our onsite kitchen. Meal plans are designed with input from our dietician, and food served is health conscious, well balanced and organic where possible. Even our snacks are healthy such as trail mix, and fruits and veggies. We dine family-style — which encourages children to learn manners, responsibility and independence at the table.

This age group is also able to utilize the PREP Tech classroom, which offers cutting-edge technology with individual tablets to enjoy. We provide a protected-internet connection to allow for a safe and secure technology experience. Children can opt for individual instruction on the desktops or free computer play time. We also have an interactive whiteboard in this space – a new technology that personalizes learning, engages students and supports teachers. Using this new technology, children can engage with one another during lessons, and take part in fun and interactive activities.

We also have a Multi-Purpose Room where the children can develop fine and gross-motor skills. It provides an array of activities and toys for the children to enjoy. It’s also an alternative environment for play to bring their outside time indoors if the weather is not permitting.

Health and Safety

We provide an extremely sanitary and safe environment for our Kindergarten students.

An age-appropriate, fully fenced in outdoor playground for our Kindergarten students provides an opportunity for physical activity while fostering the development of gross-motor and social skills.

Our hand-washing sinks in the classrooms and bathrooms come with automatic water and soap-dispensing capabilities to decrease cross contamination of germs.

Closed circuit cameras in the classroom can be viewed from the specialized PREP Parent Lounge at the front of the building. A specialized fingerprint entry secures the visitors entering the building.

A separate Tender Loving Care (TLC) area provides a place for a sick child to be removed from the classroom to eliminate further spread of sickness in the classrooms.

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